About Margaret

Rev. Margaret LeMay


Margaret is a compassionate, sensitive, empathic, and gentle guide helping others journey through their life matters by providing increased clarity, understanding, and positive inspiration. For nearly 20 years she has enjoyed sharing her gifts professionally as a Psychic and Spiritual Counselor,  ordained minister, and Certified Hypnotherapist.  Together with her guardians and guides, Margaret’s unique blend of strong intuitive abilities, acute psychic impressions, deep spiritual wisdom, abundant personal and professional experience, practical sensibility, integrity and caring manner will help you unlock the answers to your all-important questions. 

Why Choose Psychic Counseling

Are you riding an emotional roller coaster? Feeling anxious, lost, or troubled? So often we feel restricted and limited in our ability to determine if we are on our best path and making our best decisions. Reaching out to a professional for help is a normal and natural choice when life matters are concerning.  Psychic Counseling can provide a tremendous help in discovering the path forward by offering deeper insights, clarity and suggestions with matters that are weighing on your heart and mind.  Connect with Margaret to schedule your session.